May 10, 2018

Top 5 Benefits of Robotic Surgery


Having a surgical operation is often necessary to treat certain conditions.  However, the risks, pain, and sometimes difficult recovery often associated with surgery can make it seem like an undesirable option. Within the last few years, however, new technology has greatly improved the surgical and recovery processes, making it easier to receive the treatment needed to live healthily.

The da Vinci Surgical System

One of these new technologies is the use of robotic surgery.  Crisp Regional has its very own robotic surgical system, which can be used to assist surgeons during surgery, allowing them to be more precise and less invasive as they operate.   The da Vinci Surgical System, purchased in December 2016, offers many benefits for both surgeons and patients, making it a favorable alternative to conventional surgery in some cases.

Why choose Robotic Surgery?

Most people are unaware that robotic surgery systems even exist, much less how robotic surgery works and how it compares to open surgery.  We’ve compiled a list of the benefits robotic surgery has to offer below to demonstrate some of the ways it may be preferable to open surgery.

  1. It is Less invasive than open surgery. Conventional surgery often requires surgeons to make large cuts in order to reach certain areas of the bodyUsing a robotic system, however, surgeons can make smaller incisions. Especially in risky surgeries or operations in hard to access places, a robotic system can maneuver around the body much more easily than human hands and make smaller incisions, allowing for a less invasive surgery.
  1. Robotic surgery systems give surgeons a better view. The robotic system has a 3D, high definition vision system which gives the surgeon a better view than would be possible with conventional surgery.  This enhanced view assists the surgeon’s precision and accuracy during surgery, which contributes to an easier surgical and recovery process.
  2. Robotic Surgery allows a surgeon to operate with increased precision. The system works with robotic arms which the surgeon controls.  The arms can rotate and bend with extreme dexterity, and each arm holds small operating instruments that allow the surgeon the ability to work in small areas that would otherwise require more a more invasive operation.  The robotic arms also eliminate the small tremors of a human hand.
  3. Robotic surgery usually allows for a quicker recovery. Since robotic surgery is usually less invasive, there is less recovery needed. Most likely, a patient will experience less blood loss than he or she would from an open surgery and won’t be in as much pain.  Additionally, the ability to make smaller incisions means that there will likely be less scarring after the body heals.
  4. With robotic surgery, there is a smaller chance of infection.  With conventional surgery procedures, there is always a chance of infection after surgery.  This is especially the case when a surgery involves keeping large parts of the body exposed for an extended amount of time.  But with robotic surgery, an operation can be performed with smaller incisions, which lowers the chance of developing an infection.

From the way robotic surgery gives surgeons more control and precision, to the ways it makes recovery easier and less painful, the benefits of a robotic surgery system are many. It is exciting to see technology develop in such a productive and valuable way.  Crisp Regional’s use of the da Vinci Robotic Surgical System, allows the hospital to provide its community with the best healthcare possible.  The hospital is proud to offer state of the art technology to serve its patients.

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