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ELITE Therapies by Crisp Regional is a team of licensed physical, occupational, and speech therapists that provide rehabilitation services at Crisp Regional Hospital (inpatient), ELITE (outpatient), Cordele Health and Rehab (skilled nursing facility), Crisp Regional Nursing and Rehab (skilled nursing facility), and CareSouth Home Health Agency. Rehabilitation services include physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and cardiac rehab.

These services address your ability to perform daily living activities, strength, coordination, balance, endurance, swallowing ability, speech deficits, walking ability, pain, functional environment, and many more areas that allow you to function more independently. Each program is tailored to your individual needs and may include one or more types of therapy. Though you may have the ability via DIRECT ACCESS to see a physical therapist without a doctor’s order in our outpatient location, most of these services are initiated by your medical doctor.

ELITE therapists have the unique ability to create a seamless continuum of care between our multiple settings by communicating amongst team members to ensure the best care is provided to our patients. We look forward to helping you or your family member live your best life.

Types of Therapy

Physical therapy (PT) helps you restore the use of your muscles, bones, and nervous system through manual therapy, therapeutic exercises and activities, and many other modalities and specialized techniques. PT aims to relieve pain; improve strength, balance, and mobility; and train the patient to perform important everyday tasks to return them to prior activities ranging from high-level sports to simple, functional activities.

Occupational therapy helps you regain the ability to do normal tasks and activities by restoring old skills or teaching new skills. You can adjust to disabilities through adaptive equipment, orthotics, and/or modify your home environment to promote independent function.

Speech therapy (SLP) works to assess and treat speech, language, cognitive-communication, and swallowing disorders in children and adults. Speech disorders result from difficulties producing sounds correctly or fluently or having trouble with voice. Language disorders target deficits with receptive (understanding others) and expressive (sharing ideas, thoughts, etc.) language skills due to loss or developmental delays. Cognitive-communication disorders include problems organizing thoughts, paying attention, remembering, planning, and/or problem-solving. Swallowing disorders (dysphagia) are feeding and swallowing difficulties.

Services and Facilities

ELITE Therapies by Crisp Regional (Outpatient)

ELITE provides outpatient physical therapy and speech therapy to a wide range of orthopedic and neurologically involved patients and pediatrics. Our highly skilled team includes licensed therapists in physical and speech therapy and an exceptional support staff of knowledgeable receptionists, insurance/billing clerks, and therapy technicians who assist in scheduling and treating patients.

Crisp County High School (Certified Athletic Trainer)

Crisp Regional Health Services, Crisp County High School, offers an onsite Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC) to all student-athletes. It provides first aid and emergency care during sporting events and physical therapy as part of athletic training and musculoskeletal therapy. The athletic trainer cares for our athletes using therapeutic modalities such as ultrasound, electrical stimulation, cryotherapy, sequential compression, thermal therapy, whirlpool, and other equipment. We also offer computerized baseline concussion testing on all contact sports at the school bi-annually. If a student needs access to the hospital, we can help coordinate care with the rehabilitation or orthopedic facilities.

Crisp Regional Nursing and Rehabilitation Center (CRNRC)

CRNRC is a 143-bed inpatient skilled nursing and rehabilitation center caring for seniors and those needing short-term rehabilitation. We provide inpatient physical, occupational, and speech therapy services through an interactive team approach. Crisp Regional Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

902 Blackshear Road
Cordele, GA 31015

Cordele Health and Rehabilitation Center (CHR)

CHR is a 100-bed inpatient skilled nursing and rehabilitation center with a 10-bed unit dedicated to short-term rehabilitation. We provide inpatient physical, occupational, and speech therapy services through an interactive team approach. Cordele Health and Rehabilitation Center

1106 4th Street North
Cordele, GA 31015

CareSouth Homecare Professionals

Our team of physical, occupational, and speech therapists provides rehabilitation services to those receiving care through CareSouth Homecare Professionals in their homes. Working within physician protocols, this at-home care allows you to recover at home, where there is a security that only the familiar sights and sounds of your home can provide. CareSouth Office

906 North 5th Street, Suite F
Cordele, GA

Meet our Team

ELITE Therapists boasts a team of highly skilled professionals in physical, occupational, and speech therapy. Several staff members have received advanced degrees, having completed doctorates in physical therapy. Our team members may be rehabilitation therapists, but they are also your neighbors and friends in the community, as residents.

The ELITE team includes over 30 healthcare professionals:

  • 7 Physical Therapists
  • 7 Physical Therapist Assistants
  • 2 Occupational Therapists
  • 3 Certified Occupational Therapist Assistants
  • 3 Speech Therapists
  • 5 Support Staff/Therapy Technicians
  • 1 Certified Athletic Trainer
  • Multiple PRN professionals

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