Crisp Regional Dialysis Center

About Us

The Crisp Regional Dialysis facility is an outpatient facility serving approximately 75 patients each week, providing their dialysis needs. We are open from 6 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Saturday.

Most of our patients have dialysis three days a week for three to four hours each day. Each of our 18 treatment stations and an additional isolation room is equipped with a television and headphones for individual viewing and listening preferences.

Patients are referred for dialysis by a nephrologist (kidney specialist) who sees patients at Crisp Regional Hospital. During dialysis, patients are continuously monitored by one of our highly trained nurses and regularly seen by a physician, our dietitian and social worker.

Crisp Regional provides an inpatient dialysis unit in the hospital’s intensive care unit (ICU) that is staffed 24/7 and provides acute dialysis for those too sick for outpatient treatments.

Who we are:

Our dialysis team includes 10 nurses, a dietitian and a social worker. Our medical director is Shrilatha Nadipineni, MD, nephrologist. Other physicians refer patients for dialysis treatment as well.

What we do:

  • We provide outpatient dialysis to patients who come about three times a week, for three to four hours a day.
  • Our nurses monitor patients throughout dialysis, and our nephrologists round several times a week to check on patients.
  • Patients receive dietary and lifestyle education from our dietitian and social worker.
  • Patients may also seek help from our social worker for various other issues and for dialysis while traveling.
  • An isolation room accommodates patients with Hepatitis B for dialysis.
  • The inpatient dialysis unit in Crisp Regional Hospital’s ICU provides acute dialysis 24/7 for patients too sick to come to the outpatient facility.


We accept private insurance, Medicare and Medicaid.

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Crisp Regional Dialysis

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