EMS / Ambulance Services

When emergencies happen, sometimes driving yourself or a loved one to the emergency room is not the best option. If in doubt, you should call 911, and our ambulance services will do the rest. Do not drive if you are having severe chest pain or bleeding if you feel like you may faint or your vision is impaired.

Crisp Regional Health Services is the sole provider of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) in Crisp County. Every year, 32 Crisp emergency medical technicians (EMTs) and paramedics respond to approximately 5,700 calls for help – most are from 911 calls, and others respond to accident scenes. We also provide emergency coverage at community events requiring the presence of an ambulance, such as high school football games and other large activities. When needed, we transport patients from Crisp Regional Hospital to other tertiary care centers. Wherever we are needed in Crisp County, EMS services are available around the clock, day or night, every day of the year.

For certain medical emergencies, including heart attack and stroke, an ambulance is the best option for transportation to the hospital because paramedics can begin life-saving care on the way.

Who We Are

The Crisp Regional EMS team includes 32 highly skilled emergency medical technicians (EMTs) and paramedics, all trained in advanced life support, advanced cardiac life support, pediatric advanced life support, and other specialized care areas. All EMS employees are experienced in IV therapy, oxygen therapy, and other skills required in emergencies.

Crisp Regional Health Services provides EMS to Crisp County citizens under contractual agreements with the Crisp County Board of Commissioners. David Edwards, EMS director, is a long-time paramedic. Sheila Southerland, MD, an emergency medicine physician, is our medical director. All care provided is under the physicians’ guidance and license at Crisp Regional Hospital’s Emergency Department.

What We Do

Each year, we respond annually to more than 5,700 calls for medical help, such as calls to 911 or police at accidents or traffic scenes. Because all of our team members are trained EMTs and paramedics, patients receive basic and advanced life support at the scene and during transport to the hospital.

We provide EMS coverage with an ambulance at sporting activities, races, and other venues. We treat various illnesses or injuries, including sports injuries to athletes or immediate medical attention for someone who has suffered a heart attack or stroke. Over 4,500 patients are transported for additional care every year, including transferring patients who require a higher level of care from Crisp Regional to other tertiary care hospitals.

Non-emergency transportation is available as well for assignments, including patient transfers to nursing homes or rehabilitation centers.


Services are available to everyone regardless of financial or insurance status. We will bill your insurance carrier, Medicare, or Medicaid for those services as appropriate.

Prepare for the Unexpected

It is important to be prepared for an emergency at all times. To expedite treatment, we encourage you to carry an information card with the following information, along with your insurance card and photo identification.

  • Name and telephone number of your primary care physician
  • Name and telephone number of your next of kin
  • A list of medications and drug allergies
  • Advance Directives: Living Wills, Do-Not-Resuscitate orders, Power of Attorney, etc.

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