At Crisp Regional Hospital, we operate with a full time hospitalist program that oversees the care of our patients. Hospitalists specialize in the complete and direct management of a patients’ care during a hospital admission. They may also manage the care of patients whose physicians are not affiliated with the hospital.

Managing Complex Needs

The primary focus of the hospitalist is the coordination of an extensive range of services to assure that each one understands and delivers the care required for an individual patient. They have the training and expertise to develop a comprehensive treatment plan and work with care providers from other departments to deliver necessary services, which often include:

  • Nursing
  • Dietary
  • Diagnostics
  • Pharmacy
  • Specialty Care

The hospitalists assure that the proper care is delivered as need to promote a positive outcome. Once the patient leaves the hospital, their care responsibility returns to their primary care physician.

The Benefits

Patients served by hospitalists often experience a reduced length of stay in the hospital by between 14 – 17% over patients followed solely by their primary care physician or non-hospital specialist. These patients continue the healing process in the comfort and privacy of their own home. Our hospitalists will coordinate your care to assure the best possible outcome and can even get you home more quickly.

*If you have any questions regarding how the hospitalist program works, please feel free to ask your nurse or the unit supervisor.

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