Feb 20, 2019

New Physical Therapy Center: Elite Physical Therapies


Crisp Regional Hospital is excited to announce its new physical therapy center!  Elite Physical Therapies at Crisp Regional Hospital is proud to offer excellent care to its patients.
Elite physical therapies has services available to patients seeking both physical and speech therapy.

What is Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy is useful in many circumstances.  It often gives people the ability to safely recover from injury or surgery.  In some cases, it can even help people avoid surgery, allowing an injury to heal naturally through specific exercises.  Physical therapy can also help prevent additional injury by building strength in an injured area.

What is Speech Therapy?

A speech therapist can help children and adults with speech and language difficulties, as well as some learning disabilities that affect communication.  Speech therapists can tailor therapy to individual patients to ensure that they get the specialized care and attention they need.  Speech therapy is useful for people with
  • Speech and language impediments
  • Hearing loss
  • Learning and language difficulties

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