Nov 11, 2019

National Diabetes Awareness Month


Almost 30 million Americans are impacted by either type one or type two diabetes.  Over ¼ of these people are undiagnosed. November is diabetes awareness month, and we want to help you learn more about and understand both types of diabetes and how it can be treated or prevented.

What is the difference between Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes?

Both types of diabetes have to do with how much insulin the body produces. Insulin is a hormone that regulates blood sugar levels by helping your body break down and store carbohydrates from food sources.
A Type 1 diabetic’s body is unable to produce insulin.  Because of this, blood sugar levels are unregulated and can become too high. This is called hyperglycemia, and if not treated, it can cause numerous health problems including
–  Nerve damage
–  Infection
–  Foot problems
Type 1 diabetes is usually diagnosed at a young age. And although there is currently no cure for Type 1 diabetes, certain medications can help to regulate blood pressure.
A Type 2 diabetic’s body is able to produce insulin, but it is unable to use it correctly.  This condition can get gradually worse as the pancreas is able to produce less and less insulin.  A person with Type 2 diabetes can experience the same health problems as a person with Type 1 diabetes if left untreated.
One of the main differences between the two types is that Type 2 diabetes can often be prevented by eating a healthy diet and living an active lifestyle.  In some cases, a person with type two diabetes may even be able to keep their blood sugar levels under control simply by managing their diet and exercise.  In other cases, however, medication is needed.
A doctor will be able to determine what treatment will be best for type 2 diabetes, but it is best if diabetes can be caught early on.  Additionally, a person may know that they have a higher risk of developing diabetes due to a family history of diabetes.  In that case, they can take preventative measures in order to avoid developing diabetes.

Raise Awareness this month

It is important that people understand diabetes, the symptoms and health problems associated with it, and the treatment that is available. Use your voice this month and on World Diabetes Day (November 14th) to raise awareness about diabetes.  Help your friends and family understand how Type 2 diabetes can be prevented, and encourage them to live healthy lifestyles.

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