Mar 12, 2018

National Athletic Trainer Month


March is National Athletic Trainer Month

This month, we want to take some time to appreciate athletic trainers across America.  The National Athletic Trainers’ Association has made this year’s theme, “Compassionate care for all.”  The theme comes from Athletic trainers’ commitments to practice with compassion toward every person they serve.

Who are athletic trainers?

Athletic Trainers are highly educated health care professionals who work closely with physicians to provide care for patients with injuries, help athletes prevent injuries while playing or training for a sport, or assist with other medical conditions that may require rehabilitation.  Athletic trainers work with many different patients, not just athletes.  Their roles are crucial to helping reduce injury recovery time, allowing patients return to normal life activities and sports participation quickly.
Athletic trainers are experts in knowing how to instruct athletes about how to keep their bodies healthy and working properly as they practice a sport so that injuries can be prevented.  If an athlete injures himself, an athletic trainer will help determine the best way for the athlete to continue training while recovering from the injury.
Athletic trainers also play a crucial role in the rehabilitation process for athletes and non-athletes alike, helping an injured patient build and maintain strength as he or she recovers.
Athletic Trainers work in a variety of environments, such as schools, the military, performing arts, or hospitals and clinics.  Their dedication merits appreciation, and so we are happy to be participating in National Athletic Trainer Month.

Our Athletic Trainers

At Crisp Regional Hospital, we have the privilege to work with athletic trainers to serve our community.  In partnership with the Crisp County School System, Crisp Regional Hospital is able to provide health care to the student-athletes at Crip County Highschool through first aid and emergency services during sports events at the school, and an on-site certified athletic trainer, JP Hamilton.
Through JP Hamilton’s work with students at Crisp County High School, student-athletes can participate in athletic events safely and receive the best care for injuries.  Hamilton also serves as an extension of Crisp Regional Rehabilitation and as a liaison for Dr. Domenic Scalamogna and Lester Littell at Flint River Orthopedics.
We at Crisp Regional Hospital are proud to show our appreciation for athletic trainer, JP Hamilton and other athletic trainers across America.  Join us in celebrating them this National Athletic Training month.

How You Can Participate

One purpose of recognizing March as National Athletic Trainer Month is to raise awareness and educate people about the important work of athletic trainers.  Athletic trainers play a key role in helping create safe environments for athletes and preventing injuries.  Being aware of and staying educated about athletic trainers’ impacts can greatly influence the safety of athletes.
In addition to learning more about athletic trainers’ important roles in health care, you can also Celebrate National Athletic Trainer month by following a few important tips provided by The National Athletic Trainers’ Association:

  • Before participating, see your physician for a physical exam.
  • Always make sure there is an emergency plan in place.
  • During exercise, drink to thirst or based on individual needs depending on sweat rate.
  • Avoid tobacco, alcohol and other harmful drugs. and, finally…
  • Have access to an athletic trainer who provides compassionate care for all.

These are just a few important ways to ensure that you exercise healthily and stay mindful of keeping your body in its best shape.
Athletic trainers’ work is often behind the scenes, but their impact deserves recognition for the assistance they give to athletes and non-athletes alike, as they get people back on their feet and keep their bodies healthy.  Take some time this month to learn about and appreciate athletic trainers’ impacts.

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