Jun 13, 2019

Men’s Health Awareness


June is Men’s Health Awareness Month. It is an opportunity to focus on and raise awareness about the health issues that most commonly affect men and boys. There are several ways you can make the most of this month and the chance it provides to focus on the health and well being of the men in your life.

Encourage preventative screenings

Getting certain screenings early can help doctors find any health concerns before they become a major problem. This can end up helping you save money, and it could also help save your life. Here is a list of screenings men should receive routinely:
Your doctor may also recommend some additional screenings and tests that may be beneficial specifically for your health.

Get Outdoors and Moving

Because Men’s Health Awareness month falls in June, it’s the perfect opportunity to spend some time outside in the warm weather. Encourage the men in your life to get outside and get moving, whether that be going for a run or throwing a frisbee back and forth in the park. Aim for at least thirty minutes of exercise every day. One of the best things anyone can do for his health is exercise.

Celebrate a healthy Father’s Day

Men’s Health Awareness Month and Father’s day both happen in June. This is a great opportunity to celebrate fathers and encourage them to live healthy lifestyles.  Here are some ways to celebrate a healthy father’s day:
Get him a healthy gift: A gym membership, sports equipment, or a subscription to a meditation app are some gift ideas he will love and that will encourage healthy living.
– Celebrate on Father’s day by doing one of his favorite outdoor activities.  Go golfing, play soccer on the beach, or head to the park for an active day.
– Make some delicious, healthy food. Does he have a favorite, healthy meal?  Cook dinner and a treat that will make him happy and healthy.

Work as a Team

Raising awareness about and advocating for men’s health is not just a job for men.  Anyone can encourage healthy living, and the month of June is the perfect time to get the whole family involved in exercising, healthy eating, and healthy living.
One great opportunity for the whole family to get involved is Men’s health week – June 12-18. On that week, wear blue to show your support. And use the hashtag, #ShowUsYourBlue to help raise awareness about men’s health on social media.

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