Sep 8, 2020

Childhood Obesity Awareness Month

Healthy Living.

September is Childhood Obesity Awareness Month. About 20% of children living in the U.S suffer from obesity. This month is meant to raise awareness about childhood obesity and inform people about who is at greater risk for childhood obesity and how they can prevent obesity in their families.

Get an early start

The best way to prevent obesity in your family is to establish healthy habits from the very beginning. Kids who grow up in a healthy environment are less likely to suffer from obesity as they grow up and as adults.  
One of the best things you can do as a parent is to lead by example – show your kids how to eat healthy and stay active. The more healthy activities you do as a family, the more likely it is that your kids will want to take ownership of their own health.

Stick to a healthy routine

Ensure a healthy lifestyle by establishing good habits and routines. You may be surprised to find out that sleep plays an important role in preventing childhood obesity. Kids need to be getting enough sleep at night, and this can be achieved by creating a good bedtime routine and sticking to it.

Limit screen time

With the ever-increasing amount of technology our kids are exposed to, it can be difficult to make sure that they aren’t spending too much time staring at a tablet, phone, television, or computer screen. Set timers on your kids’ devices, and encourage activities that get them outdoors more than inside, consuming technology.

Stay Active

Getting enough exercise is the most beneficial thing your family can do to prevent obesity, and staying active as a family can be fun! Here are a few fun activity ideas you can do as a family:
  • Go on bike rides 
  • Walk around the block
  • Kick a soccer ball
  • Throw a football
  • Play a game of tag
  • Find new places to explore around your neighborhood
  • Go to parks
  • Go hiking on a trail  
Getting outside and moving is great for mental and physical health. And when you pair regular exercise with a healthy diet and routine, you greatly decrease the risk of obesity in your family.

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