Sep 3, 2021

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Cancer Awareness.

Since 2012, September has been National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. This is an opportunity to raise awareness about childhood cancer, the leading cause of death by disease in children. Great progress has been made in successfully treating childhood cancer, and this is due to scientific research and medical advancements. Raising awareness about childhood cancer leads to the ability to continuing funding important research that saves children’s lives.

Childhood Cancer

Childhood cancer affects 400,000 children every year. Thanks to life-saving research, more treatments are available than ever before, greatly increasing the survival rate of children diagnosed with cancer. Cancer research focuses on more than just treating and curing cancer. It also investigates the long-term effects that cancer treatments may have on children’s health and aims to decrease those effects, allowing children to live full and healthy lives.

How You Can Help

There are several ways you can get involved during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Below are some ways you can help contribute to ensuring that all children get to live happy, healthy lives.

  • Learn more about childhood cancer. There are many good resources online about childhood cancer and the research being done about it. You can also speak to your child’s pediatrician to learn more about childhood cancer.
  • Raise Awareness. Share the knowledge you have about childhood cancer with your family, friends, and community. If we all come together, we can make a big difference in the fight against childhood cancer.
  • Donate. The amazing advancements that have been made in treating childhood cancer so far have been because of funding for research and clinical trials. Your financial donation can help save lives by continuing to fund important research. Donations can also help to offset medical costs for families affected by childhood cancer.
  • Wear gold. The color gold and the gold ribbon are symbols representing childhood cancer. Wearing a gold ribbon can be a great way to show your support and it may even help start a conversation with someone about the importance of supporting childhood cancer research.
Cancer is something that no child should have to go through. Together, we can work toward a day where no child has to worry about a cancer diagnosis. Use the month of September to raise awareness for and support the fight against childhood cancer.

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