New Year’s Resolution: Tips for Shedding Weight

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One of the most common New Year’s resolutions to make is also one of the hardest to keep: weight loss. While a fresh start in the new year may provide inspiration to shed extra weight, it is important to take certain steps to ensure that you stick to your resolution. Below are a few tips

Is it Finally Time for a Knee or Hip Replacement?

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Have you been living with hip or knee pain but aren’t sure whether a hip or knee replacement would be beneficial for you? Many adults live with arthritis or other conditions that cause severe joint pain.   While there are several options for treatment, sometimes initial treatment methods prove to be ineffective. And rather than

Know the Risks for Esophageal Cancer

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Esophageal cancer cases have been rising over the years, so it is important to understand the cancer and if you may be at risk for developing the disease.    Your esophagus is the long pipe that goes from your throat to your stomach. Cancer of the esophagus can be one of two types: squamous cell

November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month

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Lung cancer is one of the most common, and deadliest, cancers. However, there is a lot that people don’t know about lung cancer. This month is Lung Cancer Awareness Month, which is a great opportunity to learn more about lung cancer and its risk factors.   This information can be helpful to those who have

Tips For Keeping Your Kidneys Strong

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Your kidneys are vital to your body’s functionality. They work non-stop to filter blood. Over time, it is common for our kidneys’ functionality to decrease as we age. But some people experience severe kidney problems, like chronic kidney disease. And if left untreated, this can lead to major health problems like stroke, heart attack, kidney

Lower Back Pain? This May be the Cause

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Many adults experience lower back pain but often don’t realize that their everyday activities are the cause of it. Back pain can interfere with your life, so it is important to pinpoint the cause and make changes that will help alleviate the pain.  What’s Causing My Lower Back Pain? Two of the most common causes

Childhood Obesity Awareness Month

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September is Childhood Obesity Awareness Month. About 20% of children living in the U.S suffer from obesity. This month is meant to raise awareness about childhood obesity and inform people about who is at greater risk for childhood obesity and how they can prevent obesity in their families. Get an early start The best way

Back to School Vaccinations

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It’s “back to school” time, and many parents are having to make hard decisions about whether their kids will attend school in person, online, or a combination of both. There is a lot we can’t control right now, but there are things you can do to help ensure your kids health and safety. This year,