Mar 11, 2020

Carrying On With Back Problems

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Back problems seem like a regular part of life for most adults. Back pain can be caused by many different things ranging from muscle overuse to traumatic injury. 
Although back pain is common, it does not have to go untreated. There are several types of treatment that may help relieve back pain, making it easier to resume normal life activities pain-free.

Common Spine Injuries and problems

Muscle strain: This can be caused by overuse, or by lifting something heavy incorrectly.  
Lumbar Stenosis: This is a spinal injury that often occurs with aging or arthritis. It affects the nerves, meaning that pain and weakness can sometimes be felt in the legs as well as the lower back.

When to talk to your doctor

If you experience back pain that is making it difficult to do normal life activities, talk to your doctor about what the possible causes and treatments are. Most likely, your doctor will recommend non-surgical treatment or medication, to begin with. If back problems are severe, surgery may be a good option.

What kinds of treatments are there?

Physical Therapy: Physical therapy is often an effective treatment because it targets and strengthens multiple areas of muscle that may be affected. Strengthening the muscles in and around an injured or over-strained area can help alleviate and prevent back pain.
Exercises: Your doctor or physical therapist may recommend certain exercises and stretches that can help alleviate back pain. These often include exercises that target the back, legs, and core, as all of these muscle groups contribute to back pain. These can likely be done at home on your own, meaning you can continually be strengthening and stretching important muscles.
Surgery:  If non-operative treatments aren’t working, your doctor may refer you to a spinal surgeon. The type of surgery is usually recommended depending on the specific case, cause, and symptoms of pain.
If you have been experiencing back pain, don’t feel like it is something you just have to put up with. Talk to your doctor about treatment options like physical therapy. Finding the right treatment for your back pain will help ensure that you are able to continue living your life with minimal pain and disruption.

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