Apr 18, 2019

Advantages of Telemedicine


Telemedicine allows doctors and patients to connect through the use of telecommunication. Through this technology, doctors are able to care, and even diagnose, patients at a distance. Telemedicine often uses technologies like audio and video calls. Doctors can send patients images and test results electronically.
Here are some of the services a doctor may offer through telemedicine:
Urgent care: This allows patients to avoid waiting rooms or making a trip to the emergency room for minor injuries or non-life-threatening symptoms.
– Monitoring: Some conditions require periodic check-ins and monitoring.  Telemedicine can allow for this without requiring that a patient goes to the doctor’s office.
– Counseling: A psychologist can offer counseling and therapy remotely through telemedicine, making it more readily available to patients no matter where they are.

Why Telemedicine?

1. No time off
Because telemedicine can provide services to patients at any time or place, patients will not have to take time out of their day, off work, or out of school to receive care. This makes healthcare more accessible for those with busy schedules, or for students who may be away at college.
2. Gives you more time
A doctor’s office visit often requires factoring in commute time and time spent in the waiting room. Telemedicine eliminates both of these, making time with doctors faster and more efficient overall.
3. On-demand Services
Many telemedicine services provide on-demand options.  So even if your doctor isn’t available to speak to you face to face, you can still receive the care you need at that moment.  This is a good way to address issues or symptoms you may be experiencing immediately until you can follow up with your doctor.
4. Exposure to Fewer Germs
One of the places you are most likely to catch an illness is the doctor’s office. When there is a large number of sick people sitting together in a waiting room, it is pretty easy for germs to be passed around. With telemedicine, however, you can receive the care you need from the comfort of your own home, reducing your chances of catching someone else’s cold.
5. Easier Access to Specialists
Seeing a specialist often requires traveling a long distance. With telemedicine, you can consult with your specialist more easily and more often, without the hassle or expense of traveling.
6. Better Health Overall
Telemedicine provides patients the ability to visit their doctors often.  The flexibility that comes with telemedicine allows for specialized care that doesn’t disrupt everyday schedules.  Because of this, health conditions can be monitored closely and more often in a convenient way, ensuring better overall health.

Telemedicine at Crisp Regional Hospital

The physicians at Crisp use telemedicine to communicate with outside specialists and with patients. Doctors are also able to share your test results, diagnostic images, and medical history with your specialist through telemedicine, making communication easy, confidential, and accurate.

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