Tips For Keeping Your Kidneys Strong

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Your kidneys are vital to your body’s functionality. They work non-stop to filter blood. Over time, it is common for our kidneys’ functionality to decrease as we age. But some people experience severe kidney problems, like chronic kidney disease. And if left untreated, this can lead to major health problems like stroke, heart attack, kidney

Immune Reaction to Gluten: Celiac Disease

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Grocery stores and restaurants have more and more gluten-free options available these days. But many people are not aware of the ways gluten can be harmful for some people, ranging from a mild intolerance to the more serious Celiac disease.   What is gluten? When people think of gluten, they often think of breads, crackers,

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Symptoms and Signs

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Breast Cancer is one of the most common cancers, especially among women over the age of 40. It is extremely important to detect breast cancer early on, and there are several easy things you can watch out for that could be signs of breast cancer.   Signs and Symptoms