Dec 14, 2021

Your Guide to Gifting Safe Toys

Safety Tips.

The season of gift-giving has begun – an exciting time full of joy and gratitude. When looking for the right gift to pick out for friends or family, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure the toys you choose are safe.

Read Labels – a product’s label can tell you a lot, including the age it was intended for, or whether there are any small or potentially dangerous pieces included. When it comes to crayons, markers, and paint, stick to those that are labeled “non-toxic.” Additionally, electric toys need to be marked “UL approved.”

Take a look – if it seems like the toy has pieces that may be a choking hazard, or if it has sharp points or edges, it may be best to avoid.

Safety first!  A new bicycle or rollerblades make great gifts! But make sure to also include safety parts like helmets and knee and elbow pads.

Find alternatives to screens. Kids are spending more and more time on screens, whether that is time spent playing video games, watching tv, or even doing schoolwork. Try to give some gifts that encourage kids to stay away from screens for a bit. We’ve included a few possible ideas below:

  • Puzzles
  • Dolls or stuffed animals
  • Bicycles, rollerblades, scooters
  • Musical instruments
  • Art supplies
  • Legos
  • Science kits
  • Soccer ball, football, basketball, or baseball
  • Board games

Know the signs of a toy safety hazard. Every year, children end up in the emergency room with cuts and scrapes or eye injuries from playing with toys unsafely. The most common toy-related safety hazard is choking.

If you notice a child suddenly coughing violently, being unable to breathe or speak, making high-pitched noises or wheezing while breathing, clutching their throat, and becoming blue in the face or lips, seek medical attention immediately. If there is an object lodged in a child’s throat, doing the Heimlich maneuver can help force it out. If a child ingests something toxic, call poison control immediately.
Make the holiday season a safe and fun one for the children in your life by following these safety tips.

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