May 20, 2019

Why You Should have an Annual Wellness Visit


Our lives are often busy and hectic; we often don’t visit the doctor until we are sick. But one of the healthiest things you can do is to keep up with your body’s health, catching any concerns before they become serious.
This can be done in a simple, but important, appointment called an annual wellness visit, which is easy to schedule and is often free.

What is an Annual Wellness Visit?

An annual wellness visit usually only takes about 45 minutes. It is an appointment you make with your primary care doctor. During the visit, you and your doctor will discuss any changes in your health and perform screenings that may help you detect health problems proactively.

Why should you get one?

You might be tempted to let an appointment like this wait – after all, if you aren’t sick, why should you make time for a doctor’s appointment?
However, you’re doing yourself a favor by being proactive about your health, and annual wellness visits are designed to be easily available to you.

It is free

Most health care providers offer an annual wellness visit free of charge – there isn’t even a co-pay. Making an annual wellness visit free allows you to easily make it part of your yearly health care.

You make your health a priority

We often don’t hesitate to make things like car maintenance or house maintenance a priority. However, we let our own health take the back burner.
The annual wellness exam is an opportunity to put your health first.  And when you make yourself a priority, you ensure that you stay healthy and happy.

You can anticipate and prevent potential health issues

The annual wellness visit gives you a chance to check in with your health. It allows you to talk to your doctor about any changes that you have noticed in your health or provide updates about previously diagnosed health concerns.
During annual wellness visits, you can receive tests and screenings which can help predict changes in your health and alert you to potential health issues.
Some health problems do not exhibit symptoms, so the only way to know if you have a health issue is through certain screenings and tests. This is commonly true of some conditions like heart disease and some cancers.
If illnesses are caught before they become a problem, you’ll be able to start preventative treatment and monitor any concerns.

How to schedule an Annual Wellness Exam

Scheduling an exam is easy.  Just call your doctor’s office to make an appointment with your primary care physician. You’ll be able to pick a time that works for you, allowing you to do what is best for your health each year even in your busy schedule.

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