Jul 8, 2022

Visit the Convenient Crisp Regional Retail Pharmacy!

Hospital News.

Crisp Regional recently opened a brand-new retail pharmacy! Now more than ever, we are your one-stop shop from seeing your PCP to picking up your prescription.

Crisp’s retail pharmacy is located inside the Crisp Convenient Care center. The pharmacy has been filling prescriptions for long-term care patients and employees, but just recently started serving the greater community area.
Some of the great things you can expect from Crisp Regional Pharmacy are:
  • Convenient location
  • Quick turnaround for filling prescriptions
  • Drive-thru and walk-in options
Because the pharmacy is directly connected to Crisp Regional, it is easy for doctors and pharmacists to communicate, meaning that there is often less of a wait time for prescriptions to be ready.

Having a pharmacy conveniently located in Crisp County keeps people from having to drive long distances to get their prescriptions.  You can easily swing through the drive-thru to pick up your prescription or walk in.

One of the greatest parts about having a pharmacy that serves its local area is that you will feel a sense of community and care each time you walk into the pharmacy and see a familiar face. Stop by Crisp Regional Pharmacy today to have a prescription filled, receive a COVID vaccine, or just to say hello!

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