Nov 23, 2022

Thanksgiving is the Perfect Time to Talk Health with Your Family

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The holidays are known for both bringing family together, and for often bringing differences and difficult conversations to light. Many people try to avoid polarizing topics around the Thanksgiving dinner table.

However, sometimes having those hard conversations can lead to important opportunities to connect with our loved ones. In a time where health concerns make headlines daily, and many families have had to make difficult health decisions for their loved ones, especially as they get older, making it a priority to discuss health topics is important.

Ask Important Questions

We all know the typical small-talk topics of conversation. After a while, those topics can become overused. More meaningful conversations are possible when you ask deeper questions. Talking to your family about what would be important for them if they were to become seriously ill can be a great way to talk about the things that matter most. Here are some suggested questions to get the conversation going:
  • What would you want your family to know if you became seriously ill?
  • What goals would you want to reach?
  • What would be your biggest fears or worries?

Be a Good Listener 

These types of conversations are only possible if everyone in the conversation can listen well and hold space for the person who is sharing. Conversations like these require vulnerability, which means it is important to create an atmosphere where people feel safe and heard.

Often, we try to offer our own thoughts or advice in response to what people share with us. Sometimes it is better just to listen and try to understand where a person is coming from, instead of interjecting with our own thoughts.

Embrace vulnerability

Sometimes the best way to encourage others to have a meaningful conversation is to be vulnerable yourself. Sharing part of your own story or thoughts can be a great way to get the conversation going and signal to your loved ones that this is a safe place to share thoughts, fears, and goals.

Having these conversations can be difficult, but meaningful. And they allow you to be prepared in case someone you love becomes seriously ill. This information is helpful for both you, your loved one and the doctors who will care for them.

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