Jan 13, 2015

Small Steps to a Healthier You


It can take up to three months to adjust to a new healthy habit, whether it’s exercising regularly or eating right. Consider selecting one of the goals below to get started and, once it’s become part of your daily routine, choose another.

Rethink what goes on your plate.

Can’t give up that burger at lunch? Substitute a side salad or piece of fruit instead of fries. Find ways to slip in more fresh fruits and vegetables to get more nutrients and fiber. Start your day with a bowl of Greek yogurt topped with pineapple or cantaloupe. At dinner, serve up steamed or raw veggies with hummus. Place any fresh fruit or veggies that don’t need to be refrigerated in a bowl on your kitchen table. You’ll be more likely to reach for them than if you have to search in your fridge.

Get up and moving for 10 minutes.

Wake up and do 10 minutes of yoga stretches to start the day off right. Take a brisk, 10-minute walk with a coworker or run a couple of errands at lunch. When you’ve got the hang of it, add two more 10-minute increments of activity or movement, and you’ve got your daily 30 minutes of activity covered.

Fill up your water bottle.

Skip the sodas and expensive lattes, and drink water instead. Not a fan of tap water? Get a filter for your faucet or pitcher to keep in the fridge when you’re reaching for a drink. Maybe add some lemon juice for flavor. According to the Harvard Medical School, you could lose 10 pounds annually just by eliminating sugary beverages.
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