May 21, 2021

Senior Health and Fitness

Healthy Living.

National Senior Health and Fitness Day is May 26th. This day is an opportunity to learn about how important it is to stay active as you age. Many communities also host health and fitness activities with seniors in mind to promote health.

Why is senior health and fitness important?

Remaining active is an important way for seniors to maintain healthy joints and muscles, regulate blood pressure, and improve mental health. Additionally, many seniors get their exercise in group classes, which provides a sense of community.

How can you participate in National Senior Health and Fitness Day?

1.      Try something new!

Maybe there’s a new activity that you’ve wanted to try but haven’t gotten around to it. This may be the perfect opportunity to try something like yoga or swimming, both of which are great low-impact exercise options for seniors.

2.      Find out what health and fitness opportunities are near you. 

Many communities host events specifically for Senior Health and Fitness Day. However, you can also check in with community centers and gyms near you to learn more about what fitness activities they offer to seniors.

3.      Share your fitness routine with friends and family.

You can do this by inviting a friend or family member to participate in an activity with you or by sharing your exercise routine on social media with the hashtag #SeniorHealthFitnessDay.

4.      Learn something new.

National Senior Health and Fitness Day is a great opportunity to learn more about how to stay healthy. See what educational health opportunities are available to you, or simply ask your doctor what you can be doing to live healthier.
Senior Health and Fitness Day is a great opportunity to invest in your health, try something new, and get to know your community better.  Fitness is a vital way to stay healthy no matter what age you are. This National Senior Health and Fitness Day, celebrate movement!

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