Jan 18, 2021

Roll Up Your Sleeves for National Blood Donor Month

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January is National Blood Donor Month – an opportunity to raise awareness about the need for blood donations all over the country. During this time, many hospitals and donation centers reach out to their local communities and encourage people donate blood.

Why is it Important?

Donating blood at any time during the year is great, but many hospitals and donation centers see a decrease in donations during the winter for a number of reasons: their regular donors may be traveling, people often get colds or the flu in the winter, and hazardous weather can also be a factor.
This year, in particular, the need for blood donations is especially high.  Due to the coronavirus, many people are avoiding going out to donate blood.  However, donation centers are taking precautions such as requiring social distancing and masks to make sure that people can donate blood safely. 

How Does it Help?

Blood donations can be used to save the lives of people who are experiencing illness or injury. Some examples include:
  • Car accident victims
  • Cancer patients
  • Women with childbirth complications
  • Sickle cell anemia patients
  • Patients undergoing surgery

Donating Blood can Benefit You Too!

Besides the good feelings you experience when you help someone, there are health related benefits for donors as well.
When you donate blood, you receive a quick check-up from a nurse where you will have your pulse, blood pressure, temperature, and hemoglobin levels checked. Additionally, after you donate your blood, it is sent to a lab to be tested for diseases and infectious viruses, and you will be notified if any issues are detected.
Donating blood is a quick, simple way to give back your community and help save lives. Participate in National Blood Donor Month by donating blood at your local donation center.

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