Jun 14, 2021

Men’s Health Week

Healthy Living.

Men’s health week is June 14-21, the week leading up to Father’s Day. This week is dedicated to providing information and resources about men’s health and raising awareness about some of the health concerns men face and the things men can do to prevent them.

How You Can Raise Awareness for Men’s Health Week

  • Raise Awareness at work. Put up a poster or layout some brochures or flyers in a place where people at your workplace will see them. This can be a great way to give people information and start a conversation.
  • Do you have a business or personal website? Promote Men’s Health Week on your website by using a Men’s Health Week logo or banner.
  • Email your friends and family about Men’s Health Week. Please encourage them to learn more and forward the email to their network.
  • Use social media to raise awareness about Men’s Health Week.

Make Good Personal Habits

Another important way men can observe Men’s Health Week is to do a self-assessment of their own health. When is the last time you scheduled an annual physical? Have you been putting off talking to your doctor? Are you exercising enough and eating a healthy diet? These are all good questions to ask yourself.

Set aside some time during Men’s Health Week to plan ways to take charge of your own health. Do some research about what health issues you may be at risk for and schedule a doctor’s appointment.

Anyone Can Get Involved

Anyone – not just men – can play an important part in raising awareness, talking to their friends and family, educating themselves, and encouraging the men in their lives to prioritize their health.

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