Nov 19, 2021

Managing Your Diabetes This Thanksgiving

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It’s hard to believe Thanksgiving is already upon us. You know what that means: family, friends, and food. Here are some tips for keeping proper management of your diabetes in mind.
  1. Make a plan. You’re always more likely to set yourself up for success if you plan ahead and stick with it.  If you’re going to be the one hosting and cooking Thanksgiving dinner, you can easily tailor the meal to your dietary needs. If you will be attending someone else’s Thanksgiving, offer to bring along a dish or two that you know you can eat just in case there isn’t much available for you when you get there.
  2. Start the day right. It may be tempting to save lots of room for the turkey and sides at dinner, but it’s important to fuel your body at the beginning of the day too. Waiting all the way until dinner to eat could cause problems or make you overeat.
  3. Moderation is key. Sometimes our eyes are bigger than our stomachs – especially on Thanksgiving. Don’t overfill your plate, and don’t eat too quickly. You want to enjoy your meal and not make yourself feel sick afterward.
  4. Don’t forget dessert! Often, we think of the turkey as the main event. However, it’s good to remember that Thanksgiving dinner will most likely consist of appetizers, drinks, and desserts in addition to dinner. If you overdo it on one of those things, you may not be able to enjoy the others.
  5. Enjoy other activities. Dinner may be the main event, but there are plenty of other fun, festive things to do with your friends and family. A post-dinner walk is a great way to get everyone outside in the fresh air. Or you can start a game of cards or charades. The possibilities for fun are endless, and the focus doesn’t always have to be on the food.
Your diabetes doesn’t have to get in the way of your enjoyment of Thanksgiving. With a little preparation, you can enjoy the food you love and the time spent with friends and family without worrying about overeating.

If you do have any concerns about making sure you manage your diabetes well during the holidays, you can always talk to your doctor about what they recommend to ensure you stay healthy while you celebrate.

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