Jul 16, 2022

Inside the Da Vinci Surgeon-Guided Robotic Surgical System

Robotic Surgery.

If you need to have surgery, you will need to think about things like:
  • Deciding with your surgeon whether an open or less invasive surgery is the best option
  • Preparing for the recovery period
  • Figuring out how much time you may need to take off work while you recover
The good news is that in many cases, robotic surgery can make the answers to all of these questions a bit easier. Crisp Regional is proud to use the Da Vinci Robotic Surgical System to provide surgical care that often reduces recovery time and allows for smaller incisions.

How does it work?

The Da Vinci Surgical system is controlled by a surgeon, but its 3D high-definition vision and robotic instruments allow for more control and precision during surgery. The system gives your surgeon an extremely clear, magnified view of the operating area. The Da Vinci instruments reduce natural hand tremors and make precise movements.

Even though it is a robotic system, your surgeon is in complete control of the operation. You can think of the system as one of the surgeon’s instruments, allowing the surgeon to have more control over the surgery.

Why is it beneficial?

  • The Da Vinci system makes it possible for surgeons to perform operations in small or complex places in a more minimally invasive way.
  • The precision achieved with the Da Vinci system means less blood loss, fewer complications, minimal scarring, and less of a need for pain medication after surgery.
  • A patient who has surgery with the Da Vinci system will likely have a faster recovery.

What kind of surgeries is the Da Vinci system used for?

Robotic surgery can be used in a number of operations including
If you think Da Vinci robotic-assisted surgery may be a good option for you, you and your surgeon can discuss the benefits and decide if it is the right choice.

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