Jan 16, 2019

How to Get More Rest and Have More Energy


January is the perfect time to start fresh and be intentional about living a healthy lifestyle. Contrary to what you might think, living healthily doesn’t have to require drastic life changes. Usually, you just need to make some small healthy habits that will keep your life organized and healthy.

Start with breakfast

Start your day with a healthy meal that will set the tone for the rest of your day. A good breakfast is one that is high in protein, fruits, and vegetables.  Here are a few ideas:
– Oatmeal with fruit and pumpkin seeds
– Whole grain toast with peanut butter
– Veggie omelet


Our lives often become so busy that we forget to take time to slow down. If you set aside a little bit of time each day to sit quietly, you’ll find yourself more relaxed and less anxious as you go about your day. Consider finding a meditation app which will guide you through easy breathing exercises and meditations that will allow you to center yourself for whatever comes with your day.

Give yourself breaks

Most of us spend our days staring at a computer screen for most of the day.  Without realizing it, your posture can often become slumped, causing tensions in your neck and shoulders. Additionally, staring at a screen for long amounts of time can damage your eyes and cause headaches.
Get up and stretch or walk around periodically so that your body doesn’t get worn down by sitting still for too long. If you can, go for a walk during your lunch break and avoid looking at your phone whenever you have free time.


Sometimes it feels like the last thing you want to do after a long day of work is exercise. But you’d be surprised how much a quick workout will improve how you feel both physically and mentally. So whether you hit the gym on your way home from work, go for a run around your neighborhood, or sign up for the yoga class in your community, make sure you make exercise a part of your routine.

Turn off the notifications

There’s always something happening online, on our phones, or in our email inboxes. But try designating a notification-free part of your day.  Maybe after dinner, put your phone on “do not disturb” mode.  Or close the email tab on your laptop after 7 pm.  Whatever it is, give yourself some space to enjoy your evening without all the extra distractions.

Get enough sleep

Ahhh. You’ve made it through the day and stayed organized and stress-free while checking off your to-do list.  Now the best thing you can do is set yourself up for success for tomorrow by getting enough sleep.  Here are a few things you can add to your routine in order to ensure the best night of sleep possible.
– Avoid caffeine in the afternoon.  Caffeine can stay in your system for hours, making it hard to sleep when the time comes. Try drinking a cup of warm, herbal tea before bed instead.
– Turn off the screens. Scrolling through Instagram or watching a TV show right before bed can interfere with your body’s internal clock because of the light that those screens give off.  Reach for a book or some headphones and peaceful music instead.

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