Nov 8, 2018

Home Care and Hospice Month


November is hospice and homecare appreciation month. It is an opportunity to thank all of the nurses, therapists, social workers, and home care aides who dedicate time and care to the patients and families they serve. These people are important to our health care system, and the work they do gives peace and comfort to thousands of patients and their families.
Home Care Aide Week is November 14th – 20th, which is an opportunity to celebrate and thank these workers who make such a difference in our communities.

What does Hospice and Home Care do?

Hospice and home care providers allow the elderly and disabled to receive quality health care in the comfort of their own homes.  Giving patients the option to stay in their own homes instead of a hospital also reduces the chances of infection. Home care providers also serve patients’ families, ensuring that the whole family is provided with compassionate care.

Why is Home Care and Hospice Month important?

This month is important because it provides a time for people to recognize and thank the home care workers, nurses, therapists, and social workers who ensure that patients and their families are as comfortable as possible while they receive the healthcare that they need.
More than 5 million Americans receive care from home care workers every year, and new technology is making it possible to care for patients in even the most rural of areas.  Right now, over 4,000 hospice providers serve over 1 million patients.
Home care allows patients to live at home, instead of in a nursing home or hospital. This means that patients can live with, and spend the holidays with, their families. Home care can also allow patients to stay independent for as long as possible, and it is also less costly than staying in a hospital or nursing home.

How can I help?

The primary goal of Home Care and Hospice Month is to thank home care workers. They often do not receive the appreciation they deserve. Use this month to thank home care workers in your community, and take to social media to express your appreciation for home care workers everywhere, using the hashtag #homecarehospicemonth.

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