Sep 21, 2019

Family Health and Fitness Day


Saturday, September 28th is Family Health and Fitness Day. This special day is dedicated to encouraging families to be active and healthy. Many cities and organizations host family focused activities designed to educate and inspire families and allow them to participate in fun activities together.

What It Is

Family Health and Fitness day is recognized across the nation as a way to encourage families to be involved in fitness activities together and to learn about living healthy lifestyles.  Each year there are fun activities and events put on by local parks, gyms, schools, and community centers that allow families to come together and participate in fitness and health-related fun.
Find out which organizations in your community might be hosting a Family Health and Fitness Day event, and ask how you can get involved in the fun.

Why it is Important

Most kids and adults don’t spend enough time exercising.  Many of us spend the majority of the day sitting inside at school or work. However, staying active is beneficial for numerous parts of your body including your heart, muscles, and brain. So it is especially important to remind ourselves and our kids about the importance of getting outside and moving often.
Family Health and Fitness Day is the perfect opportunity to have a conversation with your kids about ways to live a healthy lifestyle and have fun at the same time.

What You Can Do

If you would like to help bring a Family Health and Fitness Day event to your community, reach out to your local city organizations, gyms, or hospitals. Organizations such as these can register to become hosts of an event and receive resources that will help make the event fun and educational.
Additionally, you can plan some activities for your own family and neighbors. Anything that gets families moving and laughing is ideal. Here are a few ideas:
  • Water balloon fight
  • Kickball tournament
  • Hiking
  • Freeze tag
  • Let your kids choose a game!
When you get outside and move with your kids, you set a great example of what an active lifestyle should look like.  Get creative – the best rule when planning activities is to have fun!

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