Sep 27, 2022

Embrace Your Age: September is Healthy Aging Month

Healthy Living.

As we age, there is more we can do to look after our own health and wellbeing. The more you do to take care of your body, the better you will feel as you get older. September is Healthy Aging Month – below we discuss some of the steps you can take toward a healthier lifestyle as you age.

1. Have an exercise routine 

Exercising has so many health benefits, from helping you gain strength, to reducing your risk of heart disease. Exercise doesn’t have to be high-intensity in order to be effective. You can reap the benefits of staying active by doing something as simple as a daily walk or swim. Choose something that you enjoy.

2. Prioritize a healthy diet

Just like with exercising, eating healthy has huge benefits for your overall health. It can sometimes be difficult to know which foods are best for you, and it’s always important to discuss your diet with your doctor, but generally including whole grains, veggies, and seafood in your diet is recommended. Try to stay away from processed foods and foods high in sugar. Incorporating lots of fruits and vegetables in your diet is a great way to boost your physical and mental health.

3. Challenge your brain

Speaking of mental health – keeping your brain healthy is just as important as keeping the rest of your body healthy. Studies have shown that completing brain teasers or games can have positive effects on memory and brain function.
Have fun with this! Play games like scrabble, or sudoku. Complete crossword puzzles or do computer games. You can also bring friends and family in on the fun.

4. Keep up your regular doctor visits

An annual checkup is a great way for you to check in with your doctor about any concerns you have, as well as an opportunity to do preventative screenings and tests.  We know that going to the doctor can feel like a nuisance, but it is important, and it can put your mind at ease about your health and well-being.
Getting older can bring with it uncertainties about your health. But as long as you listen to your body and do what you can to take care of yourself, you will be set up to continue enjoying life.

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