Dec 7, 2021

Crisp Regional Hospital’s Vital Role in the Cordele Community

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Crisp Regional Hospital is a community health center. Crisp Regional is invested specifically in providing top-quality health care for Cordele and is honored to serve this community day in and day out.

How does Crisp Regional serve its community?

Community health centers receive government support that allows them to provide excellent and compassionate health care to anyone who needs it in the community, regardless of financial status.

Crisp Regional is also uniquely equipped to care for patients with a wide range of health needs. Crisp Regional is proud to house:
  • A level 3 trauma center
  • A 143-bed nursing home
  • A retirement home
  • Hospice and homecare programs
  • A dialysis facility
  • Rural health clinics in bordering areas
  • Quality inpatient and outpatient care

Why are local community health centers important?

Crisp Regional Hospital not only serves the Cordele community but several neighboring rural areas as well. It is vital for people to have health care they can trust in close proximity.

In addition to providing in-person health care, Crisp uses telehealth services for those patients who have a more difficult time getting to in-person appointments, or for those in more rural areas. Telehealth appointments can be used for a variety of health concerns, or even routine check-ins, making health care even more accessible.

A Tight-Knit Community is Important

Crisp Regional Hospital prides itself in providing excellent, kind, and compassionate care to all its patients. Providing health care in a way that makes patients and their families feel safe and cared for is so important, and it is one of the many ways Crisp Regional Hospital aims to serve its community.

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