Mar 9, 2018

Crisp Regional Foundation Golf Tournament


Crisp Regional is privileged to serve its community’s needs.  These services would not be possible, however, without generous supporters who commit to joining Crisp in its commitments to the community.

What is the Crisp Regional Foundation?

In order to cultivate the support needed to provide the best healthcare to its community, the Crisp Regional Foundation was created in the 1980s. Today, the foundation still vitalizes support for the technology and equipment that Crisp Regional Health System uses to best serve the community.
There are many opportunities to support Crisp Regional Hospital’s mission to provide quality healthcare to its community.  Contributions may be directed toward supporting a specific part of the hospital. They can also be made more generally to impact the hospital as a whole or wherever there is the most need.
To encourage and make space for community engagement and support, the foundation hosts several events throughout the year.  One of these events, the Crisp Regional Foundation Golf Tournament, will take place next month on April 27th.  Through the event, community support will fund services, provide medical scholarships, and improve access to health care.

Join Crisp Regional Foundation in serving the community.

The Annual Crisp Regional Golf Tournament will be held at Pine Hills Country Club.  It will be a great opportunity to support and become involved with Crips Regional’s mission. If you would like more information about how to register or about how to become a sponsor, contact Brooke Marshall by email:, or by phone: 229.276.3284.

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