Bee Award Nomination

What is the BEE Award?

The BEE (Being Exceptional Everyday) Award is a recognition program that honors and celebrates the compassionate care patient support staff provides every day.
Our Bee Award honorees demonstrate the PETAL principles. They portray excellence through expertise and compassionate care.  They are recognized as role models in our healthcare community.  Each Bee Award honoree will be recognized at a public ceremony in his/her unit, and will receive:

How to nominate an Extraordinary Patient Support Staff Member

Patients, families, visitors, nurses, physcians and other team members may complete this nomination form and submit it to any director or can be email to
Thank you for taking the time to nominate extraordinary patient care support staff. Please tell us about yourself so we can include you in the award celebration if your nomination is chosen.

The PETAL principles: 

P: Shows Passion/Compassion in the care they provide every day.
E: Establishes a special connection by the use of kindness, sincerity, and the emotional support of patients and their support systems.
T: Teamwork
A: Always creates the best experience
L: Love for their job as demonstrated in the care they provide
S: Shows respect

    unit/department for the BEE Award.

    Please describe a situation in which the support stat demonstrated at least one of these PETAL principles and made a meaningful difference. A specific situation or story that demonstrates how this patient support staff member made a meaningful difference.