As Crisp Regional Health Services has expanded and grown over the past decades, we have never lost sight of our mission to provide excellent care and build the quality of life in this community, by allowing patients to access high-quality medical care as close to home as possible.Thanks to our modern facilities and technology, the training and accreditation of our medical staff, and our role as a teaching hospital for Mercer University, we are able to provide the vast majority of services available in today’s healthcare.

We also pride ourselves on our affordability and convenience. A recent report by Cleerley and Associates, a company that tracks hospital pricing data, found that overall our prices are approximately 20 percent lower than those of other hospitals. We continually are taking steps to allow for more flexible scheduling, the ability to estimate costs for customers, taking the guesswork out of medical bills, and the creation of easier payment plans. Among other patient resources, the Crisp Regional Patient and Consumer Portal provides patients’ convenient, instant access to their health records.

Crisp Regional Health Services is a jewel among South Georgia community health organizations, and we are determined to become better every year. Our Patient and Family Advisory Council helps us see how we could improve the care experience at Crisp, whether through clearer signage or more hand sanitizers in waiting rooms. I invite your comments about what we do well and what we could do better. After all, it’s your community and Crisp Regional Healthcare System is your community health system.

Steven L. Gautney
President & CEO
Crisp Regional Health Services