UV Safety: Tips for Avoiding Overexposure to the Sun

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Exposure to the sun can have many benefits including vitamin D intake and improvement in mental health. However, too much sun exposure can cause problems such as skin cancer, eye damage, sun burn, and immune system suppression. There are several things you can do to help prevent negative effects of sun exposure while also enjoying

Everything You Need to Know About Measles

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Thanks to the measles vaccine developed in the 1960s, measles cases became extremely rare.  However, there have been small outbreaks since then.  Measles is a dangerous and highly contagious disease, so it is important to understand how you can protect your family. What is measles? Measles causes a rash all over the body. It is

Steps You Can Take Daily to Keep Your Veins in Good Health

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Vein health is often overlooked, but it is an important part of your health. Healthy veins ensure blood flow back to the heart. There are several problems people can experience with their veins that can cause more serious health problems. Types of Vein Health Problems Varicose Veins: This occurs when blood collects in veins due