Tips for a Safe Halloween

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Halloween is full of fun for kids every year. Getting dressed up in costumes, going to Halloween parties, and getting a bag full of your favorite candy is always exciting. Part of what makes for a great Halloween night is making sure that everyone has fun while also staying safe. We’ve compiled a few tips

Ladies, Don’t Be Spooked by Your Annual Visit

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October gives us plenty of fun, spooky things to get excited about like scary movies or Halloween parties and candy. But one thing women often find themselves spooked by, and not excited for, is their annual visit to an OB-GYN. Women may find themselves putting this appointment off because of feelings of uncertainty or apprehension.

What You Should Know About Physical Rehabilitation

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Physical rehabilitation is recommended by doctors for a number of reasons. Rehabilitation can allow your body to regain or strengthen everyday abilities that may have been affected by an illness or injury. Rehab can be extremely beneficial, but many people do not know how all the ways it can be helpful, so we’ve compiled some

Flu Shot Season

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The fall season ushers in the start of school, the first glimpses of the holidays around the corner, and a not-as-welcome guest – flu season. There is never a good time to get the flu, but with all the busyness that fall brings, there isn’t much time for being sick. Because of this, you should