7 Things You May Not Know a Physical Therapist Treats

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Physical therapists play a crucial role in health care. Their services and expertise can be extremely effective in preventing injuries, strengthening muscles, and helping someone recover from a surgery or injury. Physical therapists can be helpful for a wide variety of needs.  Many people don’t realize all the things that physical therapists treat. We’ve compiled

Advantages of Telemedicine

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Telemedicine allows doctors and patients to connect through the use of telecommunication. Through this technology, doctors are able to care, and even diagnose, patients at a distance. Telemedicine often uses technologies like audio and video calls. Doctors can send patients images and test results electronically. Here are some of the services a doctor may offer

All You Need to Know About Dialysis

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If you have kidneys that aren’t functioning properly, your doctor may have recommended dialysis. But there are several reasons people need dialysis, and there are a few different kinds of dialysis. It can be confusing to understand what kind of dialysis is right for you and why. What is dialysis? Dialysis is an artificial way